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Pupil Assessment

Pupil Assessment, Recording and Reporting
All teachers carry out careful assessments of each child’s progress. This may involve classroom observations of individual or group activities, pieces of work or specific assessment tasks or tests. These are recorded and help teachers to plan the next stages in each child’s learning. Over a period of time these assessments help to build up a picture of each child’s progress.
The Foundation Stage Profile is used to monitor, record and assess children’s progress in their first year at our school. During the first half term teachers complete initial assessments to form a ‘baseline’ level. Observations of children working day to day are used then to update the profile throughout the year.
From Year 1 to Year 6 teachers are continuously assessing children’s understanding, knowledge and skills through questioning, observation and reviewing children’s work. Teachers keep very detailed records of children’s progress, most especially in reading, writing and mathematics.
In Year 2 and Year 6 children are required to undertake the National Standard Assessments Tests (SATs) in reading, writing, maths and science (Year 2 only). Children are prepared appropriately to enable them to do their very best in these tests!
Each year in the Autumn and Spring terms, parents are invited to meet the teachers to discuss their children’s work and progress. Foundation Stage parents also meet with teachers in the Summer term to discuss the Foundation Stage Profile. At the end of the Summer term a written report is sent home for each child, which draws together all the assessments and comments which have been made during the year. Parents have the opportunity to discuss these reports with their child’s class teacher.

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