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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Speaking & Listening

During the Victorian era it was generally thought that children should be seen but not heard!

Fortunately, our present society is more enlightened. Through recent research, we now know that language is at the very heart of learning and without appropriate language, children's development and thinking are hampered. It is vital that they are encouraged to talk through their ideas at home and at school. It is also important that they know when and how to use appropriate words and develop confidence to talk in a whole range of situations.


In a world cluttered with noise and visual messages, it is also important that the children learn to listen carefully too. They need to listen to other people's opinions, follow instructions, extract meaning from stories told to them and messages given to them. We provide opportunities for children to practice and improve these skills.


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