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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


It is essential that children have a sound understanding of the various ways in which written work can be presented and be able to select the appropriate form or style to use. We want them to have a good command of the basic tools of language, e.g. the main grammatical points, use of capital letters and punctuation.
We also want the children to experience the delights of writing for pleasure and sharing their work with others. In the early stages of school life we aim to encourage confidence and a desire to write. We create opportunities for imaginative free writing as well as more formal forms. 
For some children neat writing, careful presentation and accurate spellings develop naturally but for others spelling difficulties need to be identified, rules learnt and time spent on handwriting practice. The correct formation of letters is very important if the children are to develop a good cursive style later on.



We believe that phonics is at the heart of children becoming confident, independent, fluent readers and writers. Phonics is the system by which children are taught the sounds (phonemes) that make up our language and the symbols or combinations of symbols (graphemes) that are used to represent these sounds. They are also taught how to blend and segment these in order to read and write words. We deliver phonics sessions daily in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and also in Key Stage 2 where appropriate, following a structured, progressive programme full of fun activities and games. 


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