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Autumn 2 - A Long Time Ago...

Autumn 2 - A Long Time Ago...

During this term we have explored a lot of information about the past and long, long ago! We started our theme by looking at what bonfire night is and why it is celebrated. We then discovered more about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. Later in the theme, we learnt about the Great Fire of London in 1666 - we even reenacted these scenes through the use of drama.


We created artwork to show drawings of what the houses from 1666 looked like, this became the foreground to our pictures. Then we created hues and shades of paint to represent the fire for the background. In our DT, we researched fire engines from history and what they look like now. We explored and investigated free-moving and fixed axles as well as designing and making our own fire engines.


To end our theme, we had a visit from the History Man. He showed us a map of what London would have looked like in 1666. We had a chance to dress up in clothing from the past and explore different items that they had in their homes. We finally used water pumps to put out a mini fire.



Forest School - Burning Tudor Houses

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Yoga - Whole School Mindfulness Session

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