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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Children in Need

As you know, this week we are participating in Children in Need's 'Five to Thrive'.

Each day in class we would have been looking at the theme for the day. There is a new theme daily. I have put the link to the Children in Need website that takes you to the theme and the video for each day below. 

Monday- Connect

Tuesday- Take notice

Wednesday- Get Active

Thursday- Be curious 

Friday- Give

In our morning check-in on Friday, please feel free to wear the outfit you had planned for our non-uniform day with the theme being 'Happiness'. Come to our morning session wearing something that makes you feel happy. That might be your favourite colour, your football kit or even your cosy pyjamas and slippers! I look forward to seeing what makes each of you happy.  

Don't worry, we will save the raffle until we all return. 

Remember to have a look at our school's totaliser! You can see how much we have raised so far and the lovely comments that children and families have been writing. I wonder if as a school we will manage to meet  our  target. 

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