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ESCape - Internet Safety Play

"ESCape" - Saltmine Theatre Group

During our Internet Safety Week in February 2010 (which incorporated 'Safer Internet Day 2010' or SID10), the Saltmine Theatre Group visited our school for the day to deliver two performances of the play "ESCape" and provide related interactive workshops which were suitable for our Key Stage 2 children on the theme of e-Safety.


This play is an enchanting fairytale that teaches the principles of e-Safety.


Sarah lives on the edge of a magical forest, allowed in on her own for the first time she is taught the rules for how to stay safe. There are wolves in the forest and when Sarah meets a stranger all is not as it seems. Will she remember the rules? Or will she leave the path and go her own way?


The play is a clever allegory which reinforces the reasons for 3 simple rules (plus an important fourth and final rule) to always be remembered and adhered to when using the internet:
  1. Always stay 'on the path' (use trusted websites) and never leave 'the path' to go off with strangers (do not be tempted by inappropriate sites or chat rooms, even by pressure from your friends to do so)
  2. Never give out your full name, age, address, telephone number or other personal details, especially to someone you 'meet' on the internet ... some people can and will use these to find you and/or try and hold 'power' over you and may not be who you think they are, or who they say they are.
  3. If you are at all scared or worried by anything that you do or find 'in the forest' (on the internet) ALWAYS call for the help of a trusted adult (and/or use the CEOP REPORT button on this website)
    and the final rule ....
  4. Have fun!

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