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Friday 19th November 2021

Homework due Wednesday 24th November.


Please read every day. This could be a physical book or an online book using Bug Club. Record your reading in your reading journal, this includes any reading you might do on Bug Club.


Maths Challenge

Practise the times table we have given you. You must be able to recall it out of order and within five seconds. You will need to be able to complete both multiplication and division questions for your given times table. Make sure you're ready for the challenge! Who will win this week? Will it be 3HB or 3SG?


Adding the prefixes 'un', 'mis' and 'dis'

This week you have learnt about adding prefixes to words to change the meaning. We would like you to add the correct prefix to the words below and then choose 5 of the words you have created then write 1 sentence per word. You will be adding either 'un', 'mis' or 'dis'.

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