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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

School Closure Update

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Following the PM’s statement this evening, I write to update you on our plans. Before doing so, it is important to say that we are all very disappointed and saddened to be closing our doors to the majority of children again. Please assure your children that we can’t wait to see them again and will be here ready to work with them as soon as it is safe to do so.


Children not able to come to school:

All children, other than those whose parents are critical workers, or those who are vulnerable because they have a social worker or an EHCP, are not able to come to school until further notice. For tomorrow only, home learning is provided for them on the school website at


Children can access activities under the ‘I am individually self-isolating at home’ header. Parents will need to support children to select tasks as appropriate.


From Wednesday, teachers will provide daily content, which, as stated in the earlier e-mail, will include at least one video meeting with the class teacher via MSTeams. The timings of these sessions will be communicated to you tomorrow. Teachers will set activities for the remainder of the day and will be contactable via email for support and feedback.


Critical workers’ children and vulnerable children:


School will be open for these children as usual. Timings will remain as they currently are for this week only - we will review the need for staggered start and end times, and timings may become more uniform from next week.

Children will need to:

  • Wear uniform as usual – with additional layers as classrooms will be ventilated
  • Bring snacks and drinks
  • Bring a packed lunch – whether you have booked an Aspens lunch or not as we are unsure on what Aspens will provide


Children in school will be in year-group bubbles, and these will be led by our teaching assistants, as our teachers will be planning and leading the home learning provision. Children in school will be covering the same work as the children not able to attend.


Wraparound Provision – The Den:

The Den will continue for this week, only for those children of critical workers, who are already booked in to use the service. We will review this provision during this week and communicate any changes as soon as possible.


We will continue to update you as and when necessary. For now, thank you for your ongoing support, patience and understanding.


Stay safe.

Best wishes,

Phil Jackson

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