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Week Beginning: 16.11.2020

We discovered a tree in our role play area when we returned from our half term break. We have since found out that the tree is magical and different characters live in it. So far we have met Moonface and Dame Washalot! This week we received a letter from Silky the fairy. She told us that there are lots of little houses in the tree where all sorts of characters live.  



This week we are writing descriptive sentences about a little house inside the tree. We are using our imaginations to think of who would live there and what their house would look like. We are making sure we are using lots of adjectives to help the reader see the house in their mind.




This week we are looking at all the alternative graphemes that make the 'oa' phoneme. The graphemes are oa, ow, oe and o-e. You can find videos and games to support this learning on Espresso and Education City.




In maths we have been learning that whole numbers can be partitioned into 2 parts or more. We have been using the part-whole model to show this concept clearly. This week we have been completing part - whole models and finding missing numbers.



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