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Week Beginning 23.11.2020

Saucepan Man visited us today and told us that there is a ladder at the top of the tree.  He said if you climb up it, you will disappear through the clouds and into different magical lands.




This week we are using our imaginations to think about what magical land might be at the top of the tree. We will be drawing pictures of our magical land and writing a description of it.




This week we are looking at all the alternative graphemes that make the 'ue' phoneme. The graphemes are ue as in due, u-e as in tune, ew as in few. You can find videos and games to support this learning on Espresso and Education City.




In maths we will be learning how to use the language 'greater than, less than and equal to'.  We will also use the symbols that match this language >, < and =. We will use these symbols to compare numbers, for example, 3 > 1 or 4 = 4 or 5 < 10.

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