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We hope you enjoyed creating your own magical creature last week. This week, we are focussing on creating pieces of work for your new teachers and reflecting upon your time in Year 5– we cannot wait to see what you create.   


Writing Task 1

For your first writing task, we would like you to create a summary of your time in Year 5. This summary should focus on your key and favourite moments of the year and should be written in the past tense and chronological order.


Writing Task 2

For your second writing task, we would like you to create a booklet all about yourself for your new class teacher. This booklet gives you a chance to introduce yourself to them and explain everything that makes you, you.


Creative Activity   

As we are focussing on transition activities, we would like you to create a podcast or video about you for your new teacher. We have attached a document with some instructions to help you get started.


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