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A Long Time Ago

A long time ago

During our theme ‘A long time ago’, we discovered all about the history of The Great Fire of London and learnt about the historical figure Florence Nightingale. The children were set a challenge by the Museum of London to create their own museum based on 'Heroes of History'.  The children worked really hard creating various exhibits, including recounts, model fire engines and information about the changes Florence Nightingale made to the medical world. The museum were so impressed they asked the children to display their work to their parents. 


Art and Design 

The children created beautiful artwork depicting silhouettes of London during the Great Fire of London, taking inspiration from artist David Best.


Design and Technology 

The children researched fire engines throughout history, investigating how they had changed. They then experimented with various materials to make wheels and axels which they attached to a chassis to create a moving vehicle. The children had lots of fun racing the fire engines to see which ones would travel furthest. 

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