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Monday 1st March

Maths - Length

Today we will be converting cm and mm.  There is a video on the Video Resource Centre called 'Maths Length Monday' that you should watch before deciding which task to try.  There are teaching notes to accompany the video.


Whole Class Reading 

Today in reading we need you to use your skills of predicting to write the next section of the Ice Palace. 

This means that you need to think about what has happened already; the characters, the title and decide what you think will happen next. 


We need you to write this as a story - not a list of ideas - so it should use all the language effects of a creative piece, including adjectives, verbs, nouns, similes etc. 


The tasks below set out what you need to do in more detail.

Number Magic
English - Theme - Diaries

Ivan has been on lots of adventures in his quest to find his brother, so much has happened to him. Often when people experience exciting dangerous events they write a diary to remind them what happened and how they felt about it. Over the next few weeks we are going to study diary writing so that we can write the diary that Ivan could have written. 


Today we are going to look at different examples of diaries and work out which features we need to include to ensure our own diary is written using the right style. 


Watch the Video for English in the Video Resource Centre and then complete the task. You need to become a very thorough magpie today! Find all the bright shiny words and phrases that we could use in our own work!

SPAG - a and an

This week we are taking a break from prefixes and are focusing on some grammar.  We have noticed in some of your writing that you are not always using the words 'a' and 'an' correctly.  So today we will be teaching you how to know which word you should be using.  There is a video for you to watch in the Video Resource Centre called 'SPAG a or an Monday'.  Work through the tasks in the video before completing the activity below.


If we were at school then this afternoon we would be taking part in an hour long PE session. 

It is very important that you take a break from the other school activities and get active. There are some suggestions here to help you develop particular PE based skills, but if you have other ideas  - such as long walk , bicycle ride, basket ball game then please do that instead, or as well!


Below you will find a link to the This is PE website - complete Lesson 11 - Catching and Lesson 12  - Agility and Throws.


If you would like to have another go at any of  the lessons we have already used before then please do -  I know a lot of you found them fun. 


We have also included some other fun active activities for you to try at home with your family to keep everyone moving. Take a look, we are sure you will really enjoy playing them. 


Or you could complete some Yoga with Cosmic Kids. 

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