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Writing and SPAG

Please find below your writing tasks for this week.

We have moved on from our Roald Dahl theme this week and have instead been inspired by a magical place that has appeared round the corner from our school! (See writing task 1 for full details of how to find this place as there may be a surprise message waiting for you there). 


Task 1 - we would like you to write a setting description based on 'what is on the other side of the fairy door?'


Task 2 - we would like you to write a fact file about a mythical woodland creature of your choice. 


Creative Task - sticking with the theme, this week we would like you to create either a fairy door or a mythical woodland creature door.  We very much enjoyed making ours (it was very fun and relaxing) so we hope you do too!

Find full information and help for each task below. 


Feel free to tweet us photos of your magical doors. We would love to see them.

@LyppardGrange @LyppardMissBird 

Our fairy doors x

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