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Rise of the Robots

Over the course of the last half term, we were receiving regular messages from a confused robot named Roz. She was all alone on an island and was attempting to make sense about where she came from and how she worked.


Whilst we were helping Roz with her questions, we also started to explore robots that are used in the world today, as well as designing our own robots. We used our art skills to create a portrait of our robot and wrote some incredibly dramatic stories. We also became coding experts when we explored how robots were programmed and as part of this we composed our own refrain and used SonicPi to turn these into audio loops that matched our robot’s personality. We would love you to have a listen to some of our compositions.


We were delighted to share all of our hard work with our families at our exhibition where they were able to enjoy our artwork and stories while using QR codes on their phones to listen to our compositions.

Composition 1

Composition 2

Composition 3

Composition 4

Composition 5

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