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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


Year 6 Handbook – Day 2

Today we are going to start writing our handbooks up. Hopefully you have been able to join us for our input around this at 9am. Use your plans from Day 1 and start to write out what you want to say for each section. Try to remember how to structure a good sentence and use accurate punctuation – if you want to send them to us for proof reading, that is fine. You can do this on the computer or by hand. Tomorrow we will be writing them up in neat and planning our layout.

Science Investigation

Here is a practical science investigation for you to have a go at. All you need is some scissors, some paper and a paper clip (or something similar) so that you can make a gyrocopter. All of the instructions are on the documents below. You might choose not to do the investigation, but there is a game you could play with your gyrocopter instead. 


Reading - Alice in Wonderland

We are setting you a different chapter of Alice in Wonderland to read or listen to each day. 

Below you will find a selection of activities which you could do alongside them.


  • Summarise the chapter in 50 – 100 words, by picking out only the key details
    • CHALLENGE: Get your summary down to just 10-20 words!


  • Write 5-10 comprehension questions about the chapter you have just read. Make sure you know the answers too! (use the question stems sheet to help you with this)
    • CHALLENGE: Include one question from each of the question stems


  • Choose one scene from the chapter you have read and draw it out, using information from the text to help you with this. Annotate the image showing the characters’ thoughts in one colour and things they say in another.
    • CHALLENGE: Storyboard the whole scene in no more than six images, which you must draw using information from the text. Underneath each picture, explain what is happening and what each character is thinking and why.


  • Choose a character who features in the chapter you have read and write down everything you know about them using the information from the text. Then see if you can make five inferences about them too, e.g. Alice is brave because she stands up for herself in the courtroom scene, even though she is at risk of getting her head chopped off.
    • CHALLENGE: As above, but compare two characters from the scene, saying how they are the same and different

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