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We hope you are all well, staying safe and that children are enjoying the home learning provision. Home learning will be updated with next week's provision by Monday morning. Updates about any additional resources will appear at the top of the Home Learning page.

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Roman Remains Theme Launch


When searching for Miss Bird’s lost whistle using a metal detector, Year 3 found something very exciting buried in the school grounds…a mysterious time capsule!

After careful removal of the time capsule, the children discovered that there were pages of a diary inside and not just any diary… the pages were from what seemed to be the diary of a family who lived in Britain during the Roman times spanning over 400 years!

The children were very excited by this and created some fantastic questions for us to investigate further such as:

  • Who were the Romans?
  • What happened in Pompeii?
  • Who is Boudicca?
  • What was it like to be a Roman?

We will work on answering these questions over the term and hopefully find out as much as we can about these diary entries.

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