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Wednesday 6th January


Today we would like you to review a book. We have read all of these books in our whole class reading lessons, so they should be very familiar to you. You can choose from:


How to Hide a Lion

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth


There is a book review template for you to use. You should write about:

  • What the book is about
  • Who you would recommend the book to and why
  • What your favourite part of the book is and why


Number Magic

You will have some number magic to complete every day whilst you are learning at home. Complete this just as you would at school, choose your questions, Bronze, Silver or Gold and work out the answers for each of the five questions.


Remember don't do all 3 sections of questions - Choose either Bronze questions, Silver questions or Gold questions. You should only be doing 5 questions overall.


Make sure you use your bar models and number lines to help you, and if you have a ruler nearby, remember it also makes the perfect number line!


This week we will be looking at riddles and will be working towards writing our own riddles by the end of the week. Today we would like you to have a look at the example riddles on the document. Read them carefully and see if you can work out what animal is being described. 


Whilst you are reading, have a think about the features of riddles. How do we know it’s a riddle? What sort of words are used? Make a note of these as you’ll need it for later in the week.


It is important to stay active whilst you are at home. It will make you feel better and will keep your mind happy! As today would have been our P.E slot in school, we would like you to do some physical activity at home. We have given you a link to a Cosmic Kids Yoga video based on dinosaurs. If you would prefer to do something different, then that is fine! Just make sure it raises your heart rate.


Today we are going to be continuing to learn about money. We are going to be using our knowledge of the value of coins to make different amounts in different ways. 


There is more than one of way of making an amount of money. For example, you can make 10p using two 5p coins or simply just one 10p coin, as seen below.



Please see another example below that shows two different ways of making 16p:


Today we would like you to do some work about the 5 human senses. Have a look at the power point activity. Put it into slide show mode and see if you can guess what is being smelled, touched, heard, tasted or seen. Once you feel ready, we would like you to complete a senses outside walk. This can be in your garden! Write things that you can see, hear, touch and smell onto the sheet. Make sure that you only taste things outside if you have an adult with you! Not all things outside are safe to taste.

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