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Remarkable Romans

Year 3 have had a very exciting start to the Summer term…

The children found an ancient tin in the playground full of what look liked old pieces of writing. The children instantly became historians and quickly discovered that the paper contained diary entries written by the Romans. Later that day we received a top secret file that had a variety of items including invasion plans, pottery and photographs. We discussed primary and secondary sources and the children carried out a historical enquiry to investigate what the items were. They discovered that the items were not Roman but were in fact Celtic! The children remembered that one of the diary entries had mentioned the Celts and that there was a disagreement between the two. Later that week, we received another top secret file that contained more photographs and invasion plans. But this time, they were Roman. The children ordered the items chronologically and learnt all about the unsuccessful and successful invasion of Britain that the Romans conducted.

The children then learnt about the Celts, their lives and their homes in our whole class reading lessons where we read a non-chronological report and decided it would be a brilliant idea to write one of our own about the Romans. As a result, they researched the Romans using laptops and books. The children are about to put their research to good use and begin writing their own informative non-chronological reports all about the Romans…

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