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Friday 28th April

Times Tables

Please find some time over the bank holiday weekend to practice your times tables. We have set children up a 'Offically Unofficial MTC' to complete. When they login, Baz Wynter will automatically appear on their screen asking for some help. Children will play one warmup Soundcheck game and then the final second Soundcheck game. Your child's class teacher will see their result and will be able to see whether they have completed the challenge. Baz will then thank them and return them to the main Play page. This Soundcheck will be a replica of the official Year 4 Multiplication Check so we thought it would be useful for both children and parents to get an idea of what it looks like. 

Pioneer Centre

Please remember to pack for The Pioneer Centre over the weekend! Make sure you are part of the packing process children so that you know what everything is! On Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Thorp will be going over everything children need to know but it would be useful if they have read the information booklet with you prior to this. Mrs Thorp will also give the children chance to ask questions, so they could come in with some questions ready if they want to.

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