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Thursday 25th February

Today is Thursday!


Today we are going to be creating a rough plan/outline ready for our posters. 

Below is a rough outline for you to complete. You do not have to use our template if you don't want to, you are welcome to create your own. All we would like you to do is plan out what you are going to include and where.

You need to make sure that you definitely include:


  • What deforestation is
  • Why it is happening
  • Who is being affected by it
  • What we can do to help


Here is an example of how we would like you to complete today's activity:


Once you have completed this task, you are more than welcome to make a start on your poster if you would like. Don't worry if not, you have plenty of time to do this tomorrow.


Below there are some examples of posters attached for you to have a look at and maybe be inspired by.

Example Posters


Today you need to learn to recognise one quarter in shapes. By the end of the lesson, you should be able to confidently identify which shapes have one quarter shaded. We will do the maths input on Teams but remember that the fraction one quarter is written like this:

If the shape shows one quarter, it will be split into 4 equal parts and one part will be shaded like this:



For your activity, find your way through the maze by following the shapes that have one quarter shaded. We would then like you to make your own maze. We have uploaded a sheet of shapes that you can use - some have one quarter shaded and some don't. We have also given you a maze template to stick your shapes onto. Why not see if someone in your family can solve your maze puzzle?

Number Magic  

Use today's warm up time to spend 5 minutes playing Times Tables Rock Stars and earn some points for your class in the battle. 


Your 5 day is below! 


Today is the final day of our mini Geography project. Over the last few days you have learnt about the human and physical features of Worcester and Rio de Janeiro. Now it's time to compare them, discussing the similarities and differences between the two places.


First, look at the document called 'Comparing Worcester and Rio de Janeiro'. Use your work from yesterday and Tuesday to note down any similarities and differences between the human and physical geography of the two places. 


Once you have finished, we have a special activity for you to do. Have a look at the document below to find out what you need to do! 


As we start a new half term, we are going to begin a brand new puzzle piece in PSHCE. This half term's puzzle piece is called 'Dreams and Goals'.

This puzzle piece is all about the dreams and goals we have already achieved, and the ones we aspire to achieve in the future. 


Complete the activity below.


Unfortunately we had problems uploading the new Toto video to the website yesterday. sad We will try our best to upload it for you today so be sure to check the video resource centre later on and keep your fingers crossed that it will work this time!

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