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Friday 26th February


Only one more week until we return to school and see each other again!laugh

Our quote of the day is:


Rocksteady Lesson 

Today is Rocksteady's Feel Good Friday Lesson! Make sure you tune in at 1.30 for lots of fun! 


This week, we have been reading and learning all about our new story 'Buddy's Rainforest Rescue'. Today we would like to challenge you on how well you know the story! Are you up for the challenge?


Below are pictures to represent the story but they have been mixed up!surprise Can you put the pictures into the correct order to show the sequence of the story? Once you have done this, find someone at home who you can explain the story to using the pictures.


Today is poster making day!laugh

This week, you have done lots of research and planning in preparation for your 'help stop rainforest deforestation' poster.

You will need:

  • Your rough outline from yesterday to help you with the set out of your poster
  • The vocabulary you created on Wednesday to help make your poster engaging and persuasive
  • The big four questions that you answered about deforestation on Monday to help you write your statements and facts
  • You success criteria (this is uploaded below). Use this to make sure that you are including the features we have been discussing this week. 


Below we have created a poster as an example for you. We have also attached the example posters we showed you yesterday to help you with your inspiration.


Happy poster making!


Today we are going to be finding one quarter of numbers. We will go over how to do this on Teams. 

Number Magic

For your warm up today, we would like you to practice adding three single digit numbers to make a total. Login to Education City via SIMS ID and choose the game 'Spin a Ring'. You can find it in Year 2 Maths under Addition and Subtraction.


Today is P.E day! We have given you a link to a Joe Wicks workout to complete at home. As always, if you would prefer to do a different activity, feel free to do so.

Golden Time!

It's Friday today, which means... GOLDEN TIME!!!!

Take out some time out of your learning day to spend at least 30 minutes doing something you love. This could be reading a book, playing a game, playing with your favourite toy, spending time with your family, going for a walk, playing with your pet, spending some time outside, etc.

Info about next week... surprise

On Monday and Tuesday next week you will have a science experiment to complete at home. If you would like to take part in the activity (which will be lots of fun) you will need:


  • Some sugar (no more than a few table spoons)
  • Some salt (no more than a few table spoons)
  • Something to freeze water in to make ice cubes (small yoghurt pots or something simple would be fine. Pre-made ice cubes are also fine!)
  • A muffin tray or something similar that you can melt ice cubes into (there will be 6 ice cubes in total)


We hope that this ok!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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