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Friday 24th September 2021


You should read for at least 15 minutes every day and record this in your reading journals.





Maths Challenge

School's TTRock Star subscription has been renewed and your teacher has set you the relevant times tables to practice.  You should spend 30 minutes on this.  Teachers love times tables too, so feel free to send us a RockSlam challenge!





This week our SPaG focus has been modal verbsModal verbs are auxiliary verbs which cannot usually work alone. They are used with a main verb.  These are examples of modal verbs:

might      will      may      could      should      would      ought to      can      must      shall


Modal verbs can be used to show how possible something is, or how likely it is to happen/have happened. For example:

He's very late. He could have missed the train.

It's snowing so it must be very cold outside.

They will lock the windows when they go out.

To consolidate your knowledge of modal verbs you should complete the sheet below.  You do not need to print it out. Simply number the tasks and write your answers straight into your homework books.

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