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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


Smart Trees 


The Elephants and Crocodiles arrived at school one morning to discover it had snowed in the Deep Dark Wood and that there were large footprints on the floor. Initially the children wondered if the footprints were made by The Gruffalo but then we found a sparkly, red envelope with a letter from Santa inside. Santa had been in the classroom! The letter invited the children to meet him at Smart Trees. The children were extremely excited and worked very hard in preparation for the visit by writing their letters to Santa Claus, explaining what they would like for Christmas.


When the day finally arrived, we all wrapped up warm in our hats, gloves, and scarfs, made sure we all had our waterproofs and wellies on, then off we went to visit Father Christmas!  When we arrived at Smart Trees, we were met by Santa’s elves who told us all about our fun filled day including the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ trail. We had to use our knowledge and understanding of map reading to discover the 12 baubles scattered across the Christmas tree forest and unscramble the letters, to reveal Santa’s favourite Christmas song! After the trail it was time for the children to visit Father Christmas! The children were able to post their letters to Santa in his special letter box, make a wish in the wishing well, stroke the reindeer and even sit in Santa’s sleigh. Then we were met by an elf who guided us through the magical doorway to Santa’s grotto. The children all told Santa what they would like for Christmas and then they received a present for their hard work and kindness throughout the year.

We had lunch in the barn and even decorated some Christmas trees with glittery baubles, shiny tinsel, and a big bright star for the top of the tree. Soon after lunch, we all had a trip on the bumpy tractor ride, it was lots of fun and the elves played Christmas songs as we enjoyed the trail. We had such a wonderful, fun packed day but it was not over just yet! We even had enough time to play on the very muddy adventure playground! Just as we were about to leave, the elves gave all the children a letter from Santa himself. The children were very eager to open them, along with their gifts.


The children were excellent ambassadors for the school throughout the day, very well behaved and super listeners. The Elephants and Crocodiles had a fantastic time, full of laughter, smiles and Christmas fun!


Settling In


In their first half term at school, the Elephants and Crocodiles have settled in really well and we are so proud of them.  They have been busy getting to know the rules and routines of school life, making friends, learning each other’s names and enjoying the activities available to them in our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Although they have found it very tiring, the children have made the most of their time in school. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy showing you some of the things we have been up to!

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