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Monday 1st February

Happy Monday!

It's the start of a brand new week! We hope you had a lovely weekend. 


As promised, today we begin our very first Year 2 Times Tables Rockstars Battle. Miss Bevand's class and Miss Rogers' class go head to head for the whole week. Who will win the very first battle? Play times tables rockstars throughout the week to earn your class points. The battle will end on Sunday at 5pm. We will give updates about which class is winning and top rock stars every day on Teams. Have fun! 

This week's continent is... AUSTRALIA!

We're off to Australia! Let's learn as much as we can all about this amazing continent. Remember that you can always do some of your own reading and research about Australia. Why not impress us with some fascinating facts?


Today we would like you to complete your passport page as part of our Geography. Watch the videos and have a look at the websites below then pick your favourite physical and human features from Australia for your passport. Remember to use your word mat to help you with your spelling.


We will cover today's reading task in this morning's Teams meeting. We will also complete a reading based activity together, so there is no follow up work for you to do at home. However, we would like you to do some daily reading practice. Here is the story below, so that you can have a go at reading it yourself at home.


As discussed in the Teams meeting, we would like you to get used to the idea of a story mountain today. Use the story 'How the Birds got their Colours' that we read together this morning, and see if you can identify the key parts of the story:


  • The opening 
  • The build up 
  • The problem
  • The resolution 
  • The ending


We would also like you to have a think about the characters that are in the story and that moral that we can take away. 


As we come to the end of our Multiplication and Division unit, we would like you to use your new learning to solve a problem. How many possible solutions can you find for Noah's problem? 

SPAG - Spelling 

This week we are learning to spell words that have the 'l' sound at the end again, but this time the 'l' sound is spelled 'al'. 


Your words to learn for the week are:












For today's task, work through the flipchart slides below. Can you work out the 'al' words from the picture and practice spelling them? Remember to look up the meanings of any words you don't know. There is a link to Collins Online Dictionary below.

Number Magic 

For today's starter, we would like you to play Planet Hoppers on Education City! Enjoy!

Log in to SIMS ID - Education City - Subjects - Maths - Year 2 - Multiplication and Division.

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