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Friday 5th March

Welcome to the final day of homelearning. We are so proud of you all. Thank you so  much for all your hard work and for staying so positive throughout. We look forward to seeing you all in school next week! smiley

Feel Good Friday

KS2 sessions run Friday from 2:00 – 2:30pm and you can click here or copy this url into your web browser or remote teaching platform

Band Leader Paul will cover:

  • Music From Around the World: This week we head to India. Paul will teach KS2 how to play along and count to a traditional Indian tabla rhythm.
  • Musical Word of the Week:  What is a musical scale and how do they work? Plus there's a game to identify major, minor, and traditional Indian scales.
  • Sitar or Guitar? Paul will play some classic rock & pop riffs on different stringed instruments. Can KS2 work out if it’s a sitar or a type of guitar?
  • Paint it Black: Paul performs a Rolling Stones classic called ‘Paint It Black’Can the children hear the Indian musical influences and sitar motif in the song?

TT Rock Stars

Spend at least thirty minutes practising your times tables.

Live Science from the University of Worcester

At 10am there will be a Science show live from the University of Worcester.  Click on the link below to join.

If you have the necessary equipment and adult supervision then you can carry out the experiments at home.  Below are the details for both experiments.  Have fun!

Maths - Perimeter

Today we are continuing our work on perimeter.  There is a video called, 'Maths perimeter Friday' for you to watch and work through the examples in the Video Resource Centre.  Then choose a task to complete.  There are teaching notes to accompany the video.

Whole Class Reading

Today we will continue to dig deeper into the text. We will carry out more line by line by line analysis upon the second half of Section 6. 


Watch the video and write down your responses to the questions. Remember to think deeply about your responses and to use the text to support you. 


There is a video in the Video Resource Centre with all the details of today's lesson. You will be revising the Spanish numbers to 20 and then creating a simple conversation. 

Golden Time

It's Friday so the last activity of the day is Golden Time. Your final @home Golden Time! 

Find your favourite toy, or game, or other activity (try not to use a screen as you will have been on it all day, instead try something different) spend half an hour relaxing. You could go for a walk, or a bike ride, play basketball, bake a cake, enjoy building with Lego, just do something that makes you happy. 

If there is someone at home who is able to play too then reward them with Golden time as well! You all deserve it. 

Happy Weekend! 

Stay Safe and we will see you next week! We can't wait. 

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