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Here is your Number Magic for this week. Happy calculating smiley

Your maths tasks this week are linked to VE Day and are split into two sections: statistics and ratio. Both of these are areas of maths that we have already explored and it doesn't matter which order you do them in. 


Your statistics task needs you to carry out some research and create your own infographic; you will remember that you created some incredible infographics about climate change back in the Autumn term. We look forward to seeing what you create this time! The ratio problems include a simple recipe for war-time rock cakes that you might decide to bake to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday. 


Ratio problems

To help refresh your memory, you could use the video in the link below. To get to this video, you will need to click on the button that says 'Week 2' and there you will find a title 'Lesson 2 - Ratio and Proportion Problems'. There are also some questions that you could complete that go alongside this if you wanted to and these are found next to the video. 

The games within the Year 6 area on Education City (Ratio and Proportion) will also help you to recap your skills whether you are tackling the Bronze, Silver or Gold challenges.


The first day of problems uploaded below will help you to recap the skills you need to tackle the VE Day recipe problems in Ratio day 2.


Over the next two days, we would like you to spend some time researching statistics relating to World War Two and create an infographic sharing your findings: this could be drawn or created on the computer. You might decide to focus on one aspect of the war (such as information about evacuees or the types and numbers of aircraft used by different forces) or you might want to show a range of information and data about the war. 


Remember to use all of your safe searching skills and think carefully about whether the sites you are using are reliable sources or not. Here are a few websites that might help you to get started:


Here are some examples (the first two aren't about WW2!) and a success criteria to help you.







Here are some Education City games that will help you with your graphs.

Bronze (in the Year 4 section)

Silver / Gold (in the Year 6 section)


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