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Welcome to Week 8 Maths activities. Multiplication and Division Block 3.

We all love Maths in Year 3 and we really hope that you are enjoy the games and activities that we have put on this page for you this week.


We are watching your achievements on TTRockstars. Keep playing. You are improving your multiplication skills every time you play a gig.There are lots of you who have not yet had a go! Make this the week when you log on!


Maybe you could challenge each other to a ROCK SLAM - Mrs Griffith has been defeated by one of you who else thinks they can beat her? Why not challenge Miss Goss? 


We have also set another challenge for you this week - who will achieve it? Who will be the champion? Last time only 3  children from each class took part, but the time before 12 from SG and 6 from NS took part! Make this your time to have a go. 


Plus - who will be the class champions - there is a Battle of the Bands - SG v NS. Who will be the victor this time?

Last time NS won 8251 to 7430 with only 9 players! 


We have given you some suggestions for games on Education City, but if you find others that help with this weeks focus of Multiplication and Division then please use them and maybe ask your parents to share some of them on the school Twitter page @LyppardSchool so that other children can use them too!


What other new games can you find that don't need a screen? If you find some good ones please share them. We are keen to play new ones in our homes!

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