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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


VISION -Being a Musician at Lyppard Grange Primary School

Music plays an integral part in everything we do at Lyppard Grange. Our vision is that our high-quality music education will allow children to experience a range of music, play a variety of instruments and be inspired to develop a love of music. 



At Lyppard Grange Primary School, children develop a secure understanding of music through:

  • listening, appraising and responding to music
  • Singing
  • Composing
  • Understanding and exploring notation
  • Performing
  • Exploring a wide range of music from a variety of historical periods, styles and genres

We are committed to giving children the opportunity to develop as musicians, whilst also developing curiosity for the subject. We provide a rich and varied curriculum in order to provide children with the skills and knowledge required of successful musicians. Children will leave Lyppard Grange Primary School with an appreciation for the joy of music, a love for singing and playing musical instruments and having had a range of musical opportunities and experiences.



Music at Lyppard Grange is taught by the class teacher and ensures progression of skills and knowledge throughout each year group. In the classroom, children will listen to music, sing, play, compose and perform whilst also using key musical vocabulary and the inter-related dimensions of music. Frequent retrieval of skills and knowledge will ensure that children build on previous learning and make connections to the wider curriculum.

Children listen with concentration both within classroom lessons and also in assemblies. A new ‘Musician of the Month’ is introduced in whole school assemblies. Musicians chosen are from a range of historical periods and introduce children to music from a range of cultures and genres. The children continue to listen the music each day when walking into assembly to build familiarity and appreciation.


‘Kapow’, ‘Pbuzz’ and ‘Charanga’ are widely used schemes across the school. These schemes provide engaging lessons and meet the National Curriculum requirements.


All children in Year 5 are taught how to play an orchestral instrument through expert tutorage from our local music hub, Severn Arts. They learn to read traditional staff notation as well as how to play in a group, giving performances throughout the year. In all year groups children have opportunities to learn to play a variety of instruments including, Pbuzz (KS1), glockenspiels, keyboards, recorders, ukuleles and a range of percussion instruments.


Singing assemblies are a highlight of our week at Lyppard Grange and take place every Thursday for Years 1-6. Children are taught to sing a range of songs and learn how to sing in rounds, parts and harmony.


We have a range of extra-curricular music clubs on offer at Lyppard Grange, including Young Voices, Arts Festival Choir and Orchestra, which give children the chance to develop their musical skills and create opportunities for performing to an audience.


All children in Key Stage 2 are given the opportunity to begin taking instrumental lessons in school. These are provided by highly skilled peripatetic teachers from Severn Arts. There are a range of instruments available for children to learn including, piano, singing, flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, violin, cello, brass and guitar. We strongly support those having instrumental lessons by celebrating their successes and giving them many performance opportunities, including ‘Musical Showcases’ which take place in the evenings and parents attend.



Children at Lyppard Grange are able to enjoy music as listeners, composers and performers. They are able to appreciate and understand music from different cultures, genres and periods of history. Children have opportunities to discuss their views about different music, understanding that others’ views may vary to their own and respecting this. Music at Lyppard Grange enables and inspires children to develop a love of music, creates opportunities for them to develop their personal confidence and provides strong foundations for future musical study.

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