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Spring 2 - Jetting Down Under

We came back from the holiday to find an important message from Ubercorn. We had a briefing from him to explain that we would have an important delivery and our first mission was to figure out where the delivery had come from.


Mrs Norwood brought down a sealed box, it had an airmail stamp on and inside was: a jar of sand, a beach towel, a boomerang, a cuddly koala toy, a flag and a snorkel. We guessed that the location was Australia! Our mission from Ubercorn was to explore and learn about 5 different places in Australia, to earn our stamps for our mission logs, and to become ‘Official Go Jetters’!


We worked on writing our own stories based on ‘Possum Magic’, we created our own characters, places and items they would find. We then spent time writing this up neatly to display for our showcase.



Forest School

We looked at compass directions and how to use them. We had to follow compass directions from our partners and work our way around Forest School! 



In maths we have been looking a fraction of number and of shape, money and also measuring.



In P.E. we have been building our balancing skills with partners and trying to balance with different objects too!



We used the laptops to create our own music for Australian animals and guessed other children’s creations to see if we could name the animal correctly.



We learnt about aboriginal art when we explored the Outback. We researched the different techniques that they use, practised them and then made our final pieces based on Australian animals.

We finished our theme by showcasing our work to parents!

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