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Thursday 11th February

It's Thursday today!


Today we are going to be doing what we call leap frogging through our story ‘The Bear and the Piano’ (this is where we leap through parts of the story and just hone in on certain parts). We are going to be concentrating on the main bear’s feelings throughout the story and how his feelings change as the story goes on.

We have used this technique a few times whilst in school. It is going to be a little bit similar to line by line videos.

Once you have watched the video. Complete the activity below 'Bears Feelings' - this activity is explained at the end of the video.

Happy reading!laugh

Whole Class Reading - Leap Frogging - The Bear and the Piano

Still image for this video


Today we are going to be planning our email to send to a friend. Watch the video below for more information.

Drafting an Email

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Today we are going to learn a little about jazz music because this style of music started in North America. First, watch the video below. Miss Bevand gives you a quick introduction to jazz music and shows you some things to look out for whilst listening to the first jazz piece. The powerpoint is also below if you would like another look.

Jazz Music

Still image for this video
Have a listen to these jazz pieces. Can you name any of the instruments being played? Have a think about whether you like the music and why/why not.

Optional Activity

For your music activity, we would like you to create your own jazz band! We have attached a page with a musical boarder on for you to use if you wish. 


Draw your friends playing jazz instruments and make your very own band!


Today we are going to continue learning about pictograms! Remember, a pictogram is just another way to display data. 

Yesterday you were looking at pictograms with pictures that represent 1, however, today we are going to be looking at pictograms with pictures that represent 2, 5 or 10. 

Top Tip: Make sure you check the key for the pictogram first to check how many each picture represents!


Have a watch of the video below which will show you how to read pictograms representing 2, 5 or 10. There are also some activities for you to do too. 

Pictogram Video 2

Still image for this video


We are going to finish off our jigsaw piece 'Celebrating Differences' today with a lovely finishing activity. 

Complete the worksheet below. Use the trophy template to complete the following:

In the central square: Draw a picture of one of your friends.

Section 1: Write or draw how your friend is different from you.

Section 2: Write or draw how your friend is similar to you.

Section 3: Write or draw how it feels to be friends with them.

Section 4: Write or draw how you would stand up for your friend if someone was bullying them.


Go to the Video Resource Centre to listen to today's part of the story! 

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