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Week 4

Hi Year 6, 


We have been busy deciding what activities we would like you to have a go at this week. You will find all of the usual tasks in each of the subject areas. Within the writing area, there is also a lovely creative activity to inspire your writing. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing about what you have created!


Please remember to just do what you can and don't worry at all if you don't manage to complete all of the activities. We know how tricky it can be to fit everything in and, just like we talked about when we last saw you, taking the time to relax and have fun with your families is extremely important. 


Miss Taylor and Mrs Groves both really enjoyed chatting with some of you last week and finding out how you are and what you have been getting up to; if we haven't spoken to you yet, don't worry, we will be making more telephone calls over the next few weeks. We can't wait to have a catch up with all of you!


We're sure you are wondering how the rest of the Year 6 team are. They are all safe and well and have been keeping themselves busy over the last few weeks:

  • Mrs Robinson has been doing a lot of baking (we will all be placing orders for when we are able to all see each other again!) and has started her very own herb garden.
  • Mrs Taylor has been enjoying having the time to do even more reading than she normally does and has also been loving rediscovering some of her favourite films on Disney+.
  • Mrs Saul-Clayton has been enjoying the lovely sunny weather that we've been lucky enough to have and has been working hard in her garden.
  • Mrs Brookes has been practising her TikTok moves as well as rediscovering her love of cooking; she has been thoroughly enjoying whipping up some delicious meals.


We are all missing you so much and are thinking of you lots,  

Mrs Groves, Miss Taylor, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Saul-Clayton and Mrs Brookes xxx

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