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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Week Twelve


Children who are returning to school will be reading all of their books in school with a Teacher or Teaching Assistant as we cannot send materials home.  There will be no book bags or reading journals.


For those children who are not returning to school we will allocate 2 books on Bug club on Fridays for the following week.

Remember all the books previously allocated will still be available for the children to re-read and please continue to use any other books you have at home.  Children will also enjoy finding words in books you read to them as well as the environment.

Continue to use the bumblebee tricky word mat for children to recognise and read on sight and begin spelling accurately too.

Oxford Reading tree have also released their scheme for you to use at home for free. This is in the national book band colours. You will need to create an account.

Day 1

Ahoy there shipmates!


This week we would like you to make a musical instrument out of junk modelling.

These drums in the picture below are made out of washed out food tins.  You can also use plastic yoghurt pots.  To make the ‘skin’ of the drum, cut the end of a balloon and ask a grown up to help you stretch the balloon over the top of the tin or pot.  To stop it pinging off stretch an elastic band over the top to help keep it in place.

The rainmaker has been made with a kitchen towel tube, painted and filled with coiled pipe cleaners and pasta. To stop everything falling out, the ends have been sealed with a piece of paper which is tied around the tube with string and then decorated with coloured wool.

You can make a mini rainmaker using a toilet roll tube too!

The shaker is made from a plastic drinks bottle.  Make sure the bottle is clean and dry. Fill one third full of rice, dried peas, lentils or pasta. Screw on the lid tightly.

Decorate the bottle with stickers. Hold the bottle by the neck and shake!

The pair of maracas is made from a plastic drinks bottle and a toilet roll tube.  It is filled with little rubbers and paper clips but you can use rice, lentils even Hama beads!  To make the handle, cut open the toilet roll tube and roll it around the bottle lid to make a thin cylinder.  Then wrap the tape around the handle to hold it in place.

Please also choose a phonics game from Education City or Espresso to play today.

Day 2

Ahoy there shipmates!


All pirates love to sing.  This week we would like you to learn a pirate song!

This song is also a story, it is called ‘Go, Go Pirate Boat’ by Katrina Charman and Nick Sharratt.


Please ask you grown up to click on the link below to take you to the song.


Once you can remember some of the words you can use your musical instrument you made to accompany you whilst you sing!


We would love to see a video of your musical instrument and you singing the song!


Get singing shipmates!



Please also choose a phonics game from Education City or Espresso to play today.

Day 3

This week the Pirates have been on a treasure hunt. They have found some treasure but need your help to count how many coins they have. Remember to count carefully pointing to each coin as you say the number so that you don’t miss any out.


Challenge: Can you count in 2s, 5, or 10s to find out how many coins are in the treasure chests?

Please also choose a phonics game from Education City or Espresso to play today.

Can you count in 2’s to complete this maze?

Additional activities.

Please use Oak Academy for additional lessons and activities if you require more. 

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