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Wednesday 10th February 2021


Today we are starting a new theme, length.  

Watch the video 'Maths Length Wednesday' before choosing a task and completing it.  There are teaching notes to accompany the video.

Whole Class Reading

Today we are going to start to think about writing a summary of  what we read on Monday. 

It might  help to listen to the video from Monday again, to refresh your memory, before you start work. 


We will create the plan today and then write it on Thursday. 


Watch the lesson video titled  Planning a Summary before you complete the tasks.


There is a planning sheet below should you want to use it to help organise your thoughts, but you could easily do this on a piece of paper or in your book.

You need to find the 4 most significant things that you think happened  in the extract of Ice  Palace that we read on Monday and then ether make a note of these using no more than 25 words per event, or draw 4 images to remind you of the events. 


Template to support planning

Number Magic
We have set you a game on Education City that helps you to practise a particular times table. If you have not yet reached learning this times  table yet then use another activity from the same page to practise a times table that you are working upon. 
Theme - English. Sentence Types

Today in English we are going to continue our quest to learn how we might improve our writing. 


This time we are going to focus upon sentence types. 

This will enable you to vary the types of sentences you use and help you to create interest and excitement in your writing.


Watch today's lesson video - Sentence types - where you will learn the different  types of sentences and then practise them.


Who can create the most interesting sentences? 


Below you will find the lesson notes and a support sheet with each of the sentence types on it - this will be very useful, both within this lesson and when working on the second draft. 


We are continuing our work on the prefix 'auto'. Read the spelling notes before completing today's task. There is also an activity on Education City that will consolidate your knowledge of prefixes.

Design and Technology

We think the Ice Palace is a fantastic book, but wouldn't it be even better if it had moving pictures in it?  After half term we would like you to create a scene from the book and turn it into a moving picture.  For you to be able to do that,  first you  need to learn about levers and linkages.  Go through the powerpoint and then choose which step by step instructions you wish to follow. You could make a moving dragon, flag, snapping crocodile or waving hand.  There is a video for you to watch that shows you the different types of levers and linkages.  There is also a link to which gives you more information about linkages and levers.  The more you practise making them, the better your moving picture will be.

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