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Friday 5th November 2021

Reading - You should continue to read for at least 20 minutes a day and record your activity in your Reading Journals.


Maths  - You should spend at least 30 minutes practising your allocated times tables.  Teachers love times tables too, so please send us a challenge on Rock Slam.


Due in Wednesday 10th  November 2021

This week we have started our ‘Vile Victorians’ theme. Your homework is to create an invitation for Queen Victoria’s coronation. You will need to research her coronation and what happened. 

You must include:

  • A date for when it will happen
  • The venue where the coronation will be held
  • A dress code (What should the guests wear?)
  • An order of the ceremony
  • Any other information about what the guests should expect.

Remember the invite is coming from the Royal household and you will need to reflect this in your design. Below is an example of an invitation to the coronation of Elizabeth II.


Music - Mr Hattersley has asked that you continue to practise the notes C and D using  Charanga.

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