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Week Four

Hello Zebras and Giraffes,


We have an exciting video for you to watch, Mrs Merrylegs will explain what we would like you to do for writing this week. Remember you can post the brilliant things you've been up to to our year 1 twitter page. 

Love from,

Year 1 Team x




Mrs Merrylegs reads Titch

Still image for this video

Mrs Merrylegs said she would love it if you could rewrite the story of Titch. Here are some resources to help.

When you have written your own version of the story maybe someone in your family could record you reading your story, just like Mrs Merrylegs did in her video.

In the story, Titch grows a sunflower from a seed. Can you have a go at growing something? It could be a flower or some cress or a bean in a jar. 
We will also grow something and put our pictures onto twitterlaugh



This week we would like you to re-cap the 'oa' sound.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5



Measures – Length and Height


In year 1 children learn to use and understand the language of length such as long, longer, short, shorter, tall, taller. They should understand that this language will change depending on what type of length they are describing and comparing. Children should understand that height is a type of length. They should also be able to recognise to lengths that are equal to one another.

Here are the types of questions you could ask your child about length and height:

  • Which person is taller/shorter?
  • Which pencil is shorter/longer?
  • Are we measuring the height or length of something?
  • What is the same? What is different?
  • How many different sentences can you make to compare the vehicles?


The Oak National Academy have put on some really useful lessons to do with length and height. You can follow the link below, which will take you to a series of lessons on length and height.

Or google Oak National Academy, click on the classroom link – go to subjects –primary year 1 – maths.


If your child does the first three lessons over the course of this week, it will help them to remember what they have learned in school.

  1. To compare lengths and heights of objects
  2. To measure lengths using non- standard units
  3. To measure lengths using non –standard units.

Creative ideas to help your child understand length and height.

You do not need to do all of these activities - pick and choose the ones that you have resources for and would most interest your child.

All of the above maths information can be found in the attached pdf below.
Daily Maths



We have allocated you two new books for this week. Remember to click on the bugs in the book and answer the questions.

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