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Friday 26th January 2024

Sounds and Syllables

Each week we are going to give you a five words from the Year 3/4 Statutory Spelling list, this is a list of spellings that you need to be able to spell accurately by the time you leave Year 4.


We need you to use your Sounds and Syllables techniques to Say the Word, Snip into syllables, Say the sounds and draw the sound lines and then check your spellings. As this will help you learn them. 


Each week some spellings from the previous week will appear to ensure that you keep practising them, we have not made a mistake we are asking you to over learn words that you have already seen before. 


We have included a Technique bookmark to remind you what to do and also a separate answer sheet for parents so that they can support you.  

Please spend between 5 and 10 minutes every day having a go at this. 

KIRF - To be able to count in 50's and 100's

Remember to keep practising the KIRF for this term. Can you count forwards in 50's and 100's all the way up to 1,000? 

If you can do that, challenge yourself to count backwards from 1,000? 


This week in out reading we have been developing the skills needed to retrieve facts from non-fiction texts. We have also been learning all about how and why Earthquakes happen. 

For homework we would like you to read this non-fiction text about Earthquakes and then to answer some questions about it. 

There are three tasks you only need to complete one of them:

  • If you are not yet a free reader then you should try the Bronze task.
  • If you are a free reader then you should try the Silver task.
  • If you are a confident free reader and would like a challenge and want to push yourself then try the Gold task.

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