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All Aboard The Hogwarts Express!

On the first day back, Year 4 children received their very own Hogwarts letter from Albus Dumbledore. The letter explained that the children would be taking part in a 'Fast Track Programme for Witches and Wizards'. The children were sorted into their houses and are currently completing challenges sent from Hogwarts teachers. 


We have been sent this challenge tracker to monitor our progress. 



Hagrid challenged us to find out about various magical beasts, including a niffler, a hippogriff and a phoenix. The children have been busy researching about these creatures and have also been making podcasts about them. 


As part of our challenge from the Ministry of Magic, children have made magical detector devices disguised as muggle objects. As part of this challenge, Year 4 learnt about circuits and included these in their devices. 


Newt Scamander was so impressed with our work on magical creatures, that he asked the children to create a large display page about their favourite beast. Children have been busy creating watercolour pictures of their creatures and have also been writing paragraphs all about their creature's appearance, personality, diet and habitat. We look forward to sharing these pages with you soon.


We are currently awaiting more correspondence to arrive via owl from the other Hogwarts teachers. 

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