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Thursday 4th February 2021

You may be small but you all make a huge difference.  Our favourite part of the day is when we all get together each morning.  Seeing your faces, chatting and playing a game together spreads happiness.  We miss you all and are looking forward to the time when we are all together again in the classroom. Below are some activities to support your mental health.


Today we will be joining the letters 'b' and 'e'.  Handwriting lined paper is available to print out.

Joining be.mp4

Still image for this video

Real P.E.

This  week in P.E. we would like you to do some work on your seated balance.  Once you have logged onto the website click on the icon below:

Username: Year35601

Password: million6105

Number Magic


Today we will be looking at presenting data in the form of a bar chart. Watch the video 'Maths - Thursday-barcharts' before choosing a task to complete.

Whole Class Reading

Day 1 of Reading for Pleasure and Meaning today. 

This activity should take about half and hour. 

Listen to and watch the Video in the Video Resource Centre for Ice Palace Chapter 3 part 1. 

As you are listening it is your job to ask questions to extend your understanding as this is a Year 3 target but more importantly because this will help you to enjoy the story far more. 


Ask questions about the vocabulary that you don't understand or about why the character is behaving in a certain way, or about  what has just happened. The more curious you are about the text the more you will enjoy it!


This week in our Celebrating Differences piece of the PSHE jigsaw we will be thinking about bullying.  You should watch the video in the Video Resource Centre called 'Bullying PSHE'.  You should then complete the activities set in the video.  Below there is a page border that you might like to use for your poster.  When creating your poster think about the ways in which Olu helped Mark in the story.  Can you add any other ideas of how to help someone who is being bullied?

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