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w/c 14.5.21

In order to help secure your rapid recall of multiplication facts, this week we would like you to spend 30 minutes on Times Table Rock Stars completing a battle against the other Year 6 class. We will be monitoring to check you have spent the required amount of time, though of course you can spend longer if you wish. Get rocking!


This week we have been exploring words from the Year 5/6 word list. Click on the link beow, where you will find some free games to play linked to some of these words. The games for you to try are called Easter Egg Hunt, and  Wordsearch. There is another link to Spooky Spellings. You will need to select 5 & 6 from the bookshelf and then you will be given some other words from the word list to practise. These are the words you will be tested on:


accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached


Spellzone Spelling Games


Spooky Spellings


If you have different spellings, then your activities are below. You need to click on the link, type your words into the boxes and then choose a game to play to help you practise them.


Spelling City




Below you will find a link to Chapter Two of Alice in Wonderland. Read it through and then make a list of anything you notice which is different to the film. These should then be emailed to us using our Home Learning e-mail addresses. If you prefer, you can listen to the story being read to you instead using the second link below.


Chapter 1 - The pool of Tears

Chapter 2 - Listen Online

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