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Dear Year 2,


You have a new Bug Club book to read this week. Have a look at the list below to find out which one you need to read.


Yellow – Zip and Zap and the Thing

Green – Horribilly: Slow and Sticky

Orange – Goldilocks and the Big Mess

Turquoise – Run in the Rainforest

Purple – Chocolate

Gold – Judoon Afternoon

White – Pirate Potter Family: All at Sea

Lime – Pirate School: Birthday Battle


Remember to click on the bugs as you go along and complete the activities as this will help you with your understanding of the story. Just like we would in school, remember to look up the meanings of new words that you don’t understand. Here’s a link to our trusty Collins online dictionary:

Once you have read your book there is a follow up task for you to complete. You also have a brand new reading comprehension task to do too.


Happy reading!

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