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Autumn 1 - Kazam's Quest

Kazam's Quest

Our theme for this half-term is Kazam's Quest. Kazam is a mysterious magician from the book, "Leon and the Place Between" and he has sent us a letter asking us to complete his magnificent quest. The quest consists of five challenges that we must complete. Our first challenge was to write a character description of him and what a fantastic job we did!


We are still working on our second challenge, to create a pop-art style self-portrait (Watch this space... photos coming soon!) 


Our third challenge was to write a setting description of 'The Place Between'. Kazam was very impressed with our work!

  • "In the Place Between, I can hear soft, chirping doves flying around the bright, colourful carpet." - Fooka
  • "To my left, flying cards danced. A fluffy, white rabbit hopped into Leon's arms." - Alanna


We have also been reading the story of 'The Circus Ship' and predicting what could happen in the end. We have remembered the story by using talk for writing to learn the actions from the story map. Our fourth challenge has been to re-tell this story.


Our final challenge is to design and make circus apparatus, we have been working hard by experimenting with different resources and materials to create strong and sturdy structures. (Our final creations will be revealed soon!)





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