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Civil War characters

NEW THEME ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scroll down for more information...

Yes, you heard us, we have a new theme!

Our theme for this term is 'Cannonballs, Muskets and Pikes' aka 'The English Civil War'. This term, we will be delving into the historical event that shook England to it's very core, causing uproar, many bloody battles and A LOT of disagreements. We will learn all about the infamous Charles I and his hatred for Oliver Cromwell, and also about what an amazing link our own city of Worcester has to this period in history...

Below, we have uploaded some clues and information about our Theme. We would like you to look at the images and create some predictions and questions that you have about the images. 

In your books, you could list at least 1 question and 1 prediction about each! 

What do you think the pictures are? When were they from? Who is in the picture? We want to see what you think! 

This morning you were each given the name of someone from the English Civil War. This is your role for this term! 

If you have forgotten, the list of names and who is who is below.

Below, you will find a research sheet. We would like you to research your person or their role in the army and find out as much as you can about them. Please then log this onto the research sheet. For your research, use trusty old Google! Simply Google your person's name or their role in the army e.g. dragoon (you might need to put 'English Civil War' after it) and see what you can find...We can't wait to hear all about them!

I wonder what you will find out about these people that you have now transformed into? Enjoy! 

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