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Thursday 4th March

Today is Thursday, hooray woohoo!

A special Thursday, oh yes, that's true.


But do you know why? Hmm... let me see... 

Here's a Woolly Mammoth stuck up a tree! 

Are you still not sure? Oh ok, one more...

This time it's a lion hiding in a drawer! 



Today is World Book Day, let's celebrate our books,

We love the stories and the characters, even the crooks!



Don't forget to check out the masked readers video in the Video Resource Centre!

Can you guess which one is Miss Rogers or Miss Bevand?
All will be revealed tomorrow!

Theme - Writing  

Today we would like you to start thinking in more detail about your diary entry from the perspective of an Emperor penguin father. We would like you to break down your diary entries into smaller 'mini diary entries'. We will explain more about this in the Teams meeting and we will also talk you through your task for today. 


Today we are going to be looking at non-unit fractions. Non-unit fractions are fractions that have a numerator larger than 1. The non-unit fractions we are going to be looking at are:


Two quarters:



Three quarters:



And you may even see...


Two thirds:



Watch the video below where Miss Rogers will go through these in more detail for you.


For your activity, you are going to be shading and recognising fractions of shapes and finding fractions of numbers. 


Top Tip: Make sure the first thing you look at is the numerator (the top number)!

Non-Unit Fractions

Still image for this video

Number Magic  

Our Times Tables Rockstars battle ends tomorrow! Spend 10 minutes earning points for your class before you move onto your 5 a day.


Today we are going to be composing our soundtrack for the picture we created yesterday!

To create our soundtrack we are going to be using a tool on Purple Mash (remember you can access Purple Mash through your Sims homepage).


Sign into your Sims - click Purple Mash - type 'Music' into the search bar - and click on the the tool called '2 sequence'.

There are a couple of tools with this name. Make sure you click on the one that shows this description:

Watch the video below to see how to access/use this tool and all of it's features.

Use the tool to create a soundtrack to accompany your picture. Make sure that the music fits well with the picture. For example, if you have chosen a scene that is quiet and delicate, you don't want to create music that is loud and heavy.


Watch the video below to see Miss Bevand's lovely example:

Miss Bevand's example

Still image for this video

How to use 2Sequence

Still image for this video


Today we are going to continue with our new jigsaw piece 'Dreams and Goals'.

Hopefully, last week you chose which of Jigsaw Jo's challenges you were going to take on. Today we are going to be thinking about the different steps you will need to take to achieve this goal.


Attached below is a template of a ladder. The ladder is going to represent the steps you need to take to achieve your goal (what do you need to do first, next, etc). The goal is at the top of the ladder because that is what we are stepping/climbing towards.

You need to identify the steps needed to take in order to achieve your challenge, and write each of these onto the steps of the ladder. 

Can you colour in the step of the ladder which you think will be the most difficult?

Fill in Jigsaw Jo's speech bubble... What advice do you think Jigsaw Jo would give you to help you to persevere with the most difficult step? 


Just to remind you, here are the challenge's Jigsaw Jo would like you to choose from:

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