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This week we will be learning about time and reading an analogue clock to o’clock and half past.  This is what an analogue clock looks like:

When you are in school, you will make an analogue clock that you can take home to help you practice telling the time.  If you are not returning to school there is a template of an analogue for you to make at home. 


There are three days of activities to complete at home.  Do them in the correct order as you can then build on your prior knowledge.  There are some super online resources to help you practice telling the time too.

Make your own analogue clock with this template.

Day 1

Telling the time to o’clock and half past.  Have a look at the video from BBC Bitesize that explains what o’clock and half past mean.  To extend yourself can you work out what the time would be 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours before or after the time shown on the clock?


The teaching clock will help you to practice telling the time.



Day 2

Today you will be drawing the minute and hour hands on to the faces of analogue clocks.  Remember that the minute hand is longer than the hour hand so you must make sure that it is clear which hand is which when you draw it.  Both hands are straight so you should use a ruler when drawing them. When the time is o'clock the minute hand will be pointing at the 12 and when the time is half past the minute hand will be pointing at the 6.


These games will help you read the faces of analogue clocks.

Day 3

Now you have read the faces of analogue clocks and drawn the hands onto the faces to show the time, you are ready for some problem solving and reasoning activities related to time.

These games will consolidate all that you have learnt about time this week.

Number Magic

There are five days of Number Magic but if you are back at school this week then you only need to do the days that you are at home e.g if you are in school on Thursday and Friday then you should do the Number Magic for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you are not returning to school yet then you should continue to complete all five days’ worth at home.

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