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Monday 22nd February 2021

Welcome back Year 3! We hope you had a good half term.  

We believe that you are all AMAZING!

Today a new tournament starts.  This time it is against the Year 2s as well!


This week we will be continuing to learn about length.  Watch the video 'Maths Length Monday' in the Video Resource Centre.  The are teaching notes to accompany the video.

Whole Class Reading

Today and on Wednesday we are going to read Part 5 of the Ice Palace. 

As it is the first read through this is the Reading for Meaning and Pleasure part of whole class reading. 


This is quite a long section of the story - so pausing for each question you have might take some time, so instead we have adapted what we would like you to do. 

You can choose to:

*read the section yourself - half today, half Wednesday

*or you can listen to me reading it to you. 


Your task during reading is to concentrate upon what is happening, as you will need to be able to recall the events for your tasks later in the week and you must also make a note of any words you are unsure of, so that you can use your skills of using a dictionary to find out what they mean. 


The text for you to read to yourself. Read half today then read the other half on Wednesday.

Number Magic
Theme - Second draft - Character description

This week we are going to focus upon creating a second draft and then a published version of the character description of Starjik. This is an important Writing Curriculum Target for Year 3 and builds on the editing skills targets you learnt in Year 2!


The aim by the end of the week is to have a fully edited, redrafted and neat version of your character description - which demonstrates that you have made clear and effective improvements to the original. 


There are four days of writing this week and five paragraphs in total.


You have two choices as to how you might go about this task: 

1. You might want to focus upon one paragraph each day and two on either Wednesday or Friday. 

2. Or you could complete 2 and a half paragraphs today and on Tuesday and then use Wednesday and Friday to write up your edited version in neat!


You will need to follow the process outlined below whichever choice you make, make sure you watch the Video in the Resource Centre Titled How to write a second draft, as this shows you exactly what to do. 


If you choose option one then today - focus upon the introduction paragraph and make that the best it can be! When you have finished it should be similar but different to the original. If you choose option 2 then you will need to work on paragraph 1, 2 and maybe 3. 


The aim is to use your existing text - the one that you wrote before half term (not to write a completely new description) and to take each sentence of it one at a time and work some magic upon that sentence. There are 6 different things you could do to every sentence.

There is a Video in the Video Resource Centre which talks you through how to work through the process. 

And below is the How to draft your work help Sheet. 

You might also find it handy to have the sentence openers help guide and the sentence types guide available to support your choices! Oh and a Thesaurus and maybe some of your original word finding tasks might also help! Remember to use the writing success criteria to check off what techniques you have used. 

Do you have a desk larger enough? laugh


As we are aiming to publish your work - you can choose whether or not to handwrite the second draft and then write it out again in neat OR to type up the second draft as you create it, so it is ready to publish straight away. You could use Word or Publisher to help you do this and at the end of the week you could scan in your portrait of Starjik and attach it the document as an image. 


How to create A Second Draft Help sheet

Spelling Prefixes

We are learning about a new prefix today. Watch the video 'Spelling Monday' in the Video Resource Centre which explains today's task.  There are spelling notes to accompany the video.


If we were at school then this afternoon we would be taking part in an hour long PE session. 

It is very important that you take a break from the other school activities and get active. There are some suggestions here to help you develop particular PE based skills, but if you have other ideas  - such as long walk , bicycle ride, basket ball game then please do that instead, or as well!


Below you will find a link to the This is PE website - complete Lesson 9 - Agility and Lesson 10  - Flat Target Accuracy.


If you would like to have another go at any of  the lessons we have already used before then please do -  I know a lot of you found them fun. 


Or you could complete some Yoga with Cosmic Kids. 

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