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Friday 22nd January 2021

Number Magic

Theme - Poetry

Now that you have chosen, annotated and practised reciting your poem, it's time to record it.  You can either record just your voice reciting the poem or if you're feeling brave you can record a video of yourself.  Mrs Tilley has recorded a video of herself reading one of her favourite poems, Dad and the Cat and the Tree.  She has listened to Michael Rosen's tips, annotated the poem and practised it so that she knows it off by heart.  You can find Mrs Tilley's performance in  the Video Resource Centre. We can't wait to see and hear your favourite poems!


Today we are going to look at one strategy for finding change - counting on like old fashioned shop keepers did!

Watch the lesson Video (Maths Money Day 5) in the Video Resource Centre and as usual interact with it when asked. 


Remember when using Money you are practising maths that you will need in many practical situations throughout your life, so role playing shops or restaurants is a great way to practise you addition skills. Set up 10 or more items place price tickets on them and then work out the change you will get from given amounts. You can work with actual customers or your teddies!


Then complete the tasks below.

There is a Bronze and a Bronze Plus for you to do should you need it - this is dependent upon your confidence with Money.

Whole Class Reading

Hopefully, you managed to dig deep yesterday and begin your analysis of the text. 


Today we are going to continue to dive deeper - to think about how the author uses carefully selected word choices and sentence construction  to really help the reader understand the story and to create mood, atmosphere and tension. 


We are going to continue to take you through a line by line analysis of the text - you need to listen to the line and then the question that accompanies it, pause the video and then write down your answers. Your first answer is not always the best - so challenge yourself dig deeper - can you do some really hard thinking today? 

Computing - Scratch

Today is your second session of creating a chase game.  Everything you need to know is on Thursday's page.  We can't wait to see what you have created!

Golden Time!

It's Friday so the last activity of the day would have been Golden Time.

Find your favourite toy, or game, or other activity (try not to use a screen as you will have been on it all day, instead try something different) spend half an hour relaxing. If there is someone at home who is able to play too then reward them with Golden time as well! You all deserve it. 

Happy Weekend!laugh

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