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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Number Magic
Forest School

To promote Good Mental Health and Wellbeing we need to try to spend some time outdoors, to feel the sun and fresh air on our face and skin and to be amongst nature. 

This week in Forest school you can choose to complete one or more of the activities found below, or you can go back and redo something you have tried before OR you could just go for a walk. The  most important thing is that you find an opportunity to spend some time outside of you can. 


We have all seen that Ivan is spending a lot of time outside in the forest, all alone. He is also having a lot of tricks played upon him by the villain Starjik!

Many native people have created talisman or charms to help protect them from evil spirits such as Starjik. In Mexico people  make God's eyes or Mexican Eyes and the Native American people make Dream Catchers. 

Below are links that you can use to help you make either a Dream Catcher or a Mexican eye. You could collect some natural materials to help you with your creations or you might find things within your house. 


Dream Catchers and Mexican Eyes


Today we will be looking at comparing different measurements.  Watch the video 'Maths Length Tuesday' in the Video Resource Centre before choosing and completing a task.  There are teaching notes to accompany the video.

Theme - Character Description

The aim of this week is to edit and then publish your character description. 

Today you need to continue to work on your second draft. 


If you chose option one yesterday then today you will be working on paragraph 2,

if you chose option 2 then you will be completing your second draft today. 


Re-watch the video to ensure you know what you need to to. Remember to use the How to create a second draft help sheet to support you. You will find all the resources you need attached to Monday's task. 


Work hard - you need to improve what you have already created!

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