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Thursday 14th January


Today’s reading lesson is another line by line task about George and the Dragon. To begin with, listen to George and Dragon Part 2 read aloud.

George and the Dragon Part 2 Read Aloud.mp4

Still image for this video

Once you’ve listened to the story, start the 'Line by Line' video. You can find it in the Video Resource Centre in Year 2:


School website – Children – Video Resource Centre – Year 2 – Line by Line 14.01.21


It is a line by line activity just like yesterday. Pause the video each time Miss Bevand asks a question and have think about your answer. The video is quite long, so if you want to break the video up into smaller chunks to complete throughout the day, feel free.


Today’s maths lesson is all about practising using methods to solve multiplication problems. You need to practice using bar models and number lines. Once you’ve tried both methods, you will probably start to prefer one which you can then use in the future. Today’s input video is below just in case you want to watch it again.


Still image for this video

Your maths activity today is a colouring one! You need to solve the multiplication calculation (use a bar model and number line for a few calculations to get the hang of it but don’t feel the need to do it for every one!) and colour the square in. To find out which colour to use, look at the key. For example, if the answer was 30, the key might tell you to colour in squares that equal 30 yellow. Your colouring will reveal a hidden picture. Have fun!  


So, this week we have been learning all about homophones! Can you remember what a homophone is?!

A homophone is two or more words that have the same pronunciation (this means they sound the same) but they have different meanings or spellings, e.g. sea and see or knight and night.

Hopefully on Tuesday, you had the opportunity to create your very own 'Homophone Booklet' as part of your SPAG activity. 

Today we would like you to take part in some dictation, just as we do in school. The video below will tell you everything you need to know. 

Grab a pencil and some paper, and when you're ready, press play! Have fun!smiley

SPAG - Homophones Dictation

Still image for this video

Number Magic

Here is today’s Number Magic for you to complete. We have linked below a lovely warm up game for you to have a go at before you start your Number Magic task today. Remember to complete just one of the challenges, you don’t need to do all three!


Today we are going to carry on our Computing task from yesterday!

Hopefully yesterday, you had a chance to draw your pictures for the story 'George and the Dragon' (don't worry if you haven't finished yet, take your time). Today we are going to show you how to add text to your stories.

Hopefully you worked out how to save your work yesterday and you are able to access it again when you go back onto Purple Mash. If you have forgotten how to find the application. Refer back to the tutorial in the 'Video Resource Centre'.

Below I have attached another tutorial which shows you how to add text to your story.

I hope you have as much fun making your stories as I did making mine!laugh

How to add text to your animated stories on '2Create a Story'

Still image for this video


Have a listen to our story at some point in your day. Go the the video resource centre to find it. 


School website - children - Video Resource Centre - The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me - Part 3

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