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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Autumn 1 Space - A new frontier

All children have had a fantastic start to Year 5.  They have been gripped by our space theme and thoroughly enjoyed our visit to The National Space Centre in Leicester.  They have been swimming and have begun to play a new instrument – the cornet.  Children have coped well with all of these new experiences showing the Lyppard Learning Values of adaptability, perseverance and courage. 


Visit to the National Space Centre

Thursday 9th September was a very exciting day for Year 5, as we embarked on our first trip in two years to The National Space Centre.  As soon as we entered the building children were engrossed in the interactive displays and exhibits. They learned about the history of space travel and watched a film in the Planetarium which explained what it feels like to be in space.  They were conscientiously taking notes of items that caught their eye and could give them ideas for their own exhibits.  The workshop gave the children the opportunity to program a space vehicle and use their problem-solving skills to debug their instructions.  Throughout the visit the children were excellent ambassadors of Lyppard Grange, showing great curiosity and exhibiting exemplary behaviour.  The awe and wonder on their faces was a pleasure to see.  We are looking forward to seeing their finished exhibits!


Space Exhibition

On Thursday 20th October Year 5 held a Space Exhibition.  Children from Year 3 came to see their interactive exhibits.  The Year 5 children did a fantastic job of making eye catching displays, informative quizzes and PowerPoints and fun activities for their visitors.  If was wonderful to watch them impart their knowledge about space to the younger children, who all had a most enjoyable afternoon.  The Lyppard learning values of teamwork, communication and curiosity were evident for all to see. What a great way to end a super space themed half term. Well done, Year 5!

Space buggy testing

What better way to end our space theme, than to test our space buggies! The children designed and made some amazing vehicles.  The longest distance travelled by balloon power was 1 metre 20 cm.  Well done Year 5, we were impressed with the teamwork shown when making your buggies and with how sensible you were when using sharp saws and hot glue guns.  Fantastic work!

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